Friday, January 25, 2013

Free fall

Jumping from a plane
I anticipated my fall
prepared all my need
my parachute and my googles
every time i looked down
my heart seemed to stop
of not knowing
i will live
or not
the time came
I jumped and free fall
without even given
a last thought
moments passed
images of my previous
weakly flashed
Frozen my oesophagus
I could not find the trigger
to release the parachute
though height is getting low

Taken away in a dream
Empty and full
Blank and colourful
Sad and happy

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I pray, you lights

There you sit,
Eager as a child
in a toy shop,
Wanting to get more.

There you sit,
Humbly low, looking
forward. I wonder,
what are you thinking?

I pray,
To have more time in our hands.
I pray,
That i give you everything i can.
I pray,
For me to understand you, and
You to understand this and that.
I pray, you lights

Sunday, March 11, 2012

That air

This air suffocates me,
It brings me down,
Condemning me,
Makes me bleed.

Never mind I'll get through this,
Just a little cut,
Painful but I can ignore it,
Never mind. I think I'm strong.

Never mind. Never mind.
Never mind. Never mind.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dream comes true

I been wanting an iPhone since long and the release of iPhone 4s last year really amazed me.
Now I'm a proud owner of it because it wasn't easy for me to own it. As a student, I kept my budget tight for months and did part time job with my best friend.

Well, it does not matter if our dream is to get iPhone or good grade or important position or good pay or etc, what is more important is our determination and our hardwork in achieving our dreams. Because then we will be a better person who would never give up and strong.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Aerobic + Step mania

i admit that i'm not the person who really likes sports... i'm a mess in most of make it worse i don't like to jog... as exercise is very important i do feel that i been to lazy with my body.

what i like to do best is dancing (though my dance moves are very amateur...=p). so i start practicing dancing as my routine exercise every day. not only that i do aerobic, i also play step mania. i really have fun!! ^^

everybody knows what is aerobic. this is my present favourite one so far which i found in youtube:
the moves are very simple but very catchy...i just go with the song and enjoy it very much... XD

now, let me explain a bit about step mania. step mania is actually a dancing game where you play using a dance mat. so you need to move your legs according to the arrows in the screen. it is a very fun game with variety of song to be chosen from their online library.
ok i know the video clip above is a bit too much for a beginner like me...huhu... but not to worry, there are many levels of difficulty. i usually go with novice and least i'm sweating..
btw i only use soft foam mat and adapter to connect the mat with my lappy.
this is the link to the page if you wish to download, install and play step mania (it is FREE!! yeay!):

p.s.: pray that i will continue this exercise routine so that i can say bye bye to my muffin top..ngeee XD

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Apple Diet

have you ever feel guilty to your stomach that you ate too much and too many of unhealthy foods?

i heard about detoxification diet years before. the diet programme meant to help remove toxic build up because of us eating variety of foods and junks.

Mr. google then helped me to find some pages that helps to explain about apple diet. i found out that there are two types of apple diet.
1. eat nothing but only apples for 2 or 3 days.(eat apple every time when you are hungry)
2. eat good and healthy foods and eat an apple before every main meal for 3 days.

it also said that you can lose weight by doing this diet.

i tried once but i only managed to go for a day with the first type of apple diet (because of the temptation to eat other foods =p). but i can feel the result the next day... my stomach seems to be more relaxed and i no longer had constipation. so i may stick with this kind of diet (at least to have apple every day) as what they say 'an apple a day keeps the  doctor away' huhuhu ^^....

if you do want to do this apple diet then i recommended that you make some research in the net and see which way of dieting that suits you. there are also other detoxification diet that may interest you.

p.s.: trying to get rid of my muffin top...argghhh! but i heard about the afterburn excises that should help...


those who love Merlin please raise your leg...or maybe you love Arthur... huhu... :3

i was really addicted to Merlin and i managed to finish watching all the season 4 episodes online last week thanks to good internet connection... no thanks to famous ''repeat-the-same-thing-again-and-again-service'' because it had made me watching the same episode for many time...

i found some online streaming pages but the only one page that managed to help me to watch all the episode was ^^
so if you want to watch Merlin online you can go to this page because it is really helpful.

another interesting thing is that you can also find other TV series online streaming links in this page...

Do enjoy watching Merlin online ^^,

p.s. : think of watching Charmed but i forget which series that i have watched...not to mention with my concern to AE...huhuhu...